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Evaluation and impact assessment are powerful tools to assess the potential projects and initiatives in their inception stages, assess and improve their implementation process and evaluate their impact after they are completed. Evaluation and assessment allow us to learn what works and why. With over 200 urban projects analysed and evaluated internationally, Dr Rosenfeld is an authority assessing urban project proposals, their implementation process (real-time) and evaluation after their completion (ex-post). She supports clients in three avenues for evaluation and assessment: the analysis based on the pre-set criteria chosen by the client, the assessment and advancement of the set of criteria the client possesses, and the design of the new criteria for the assessments and evaluations. 

Ex-ante evaluation 

Ex ante assessments provide a number of benefits to our clients. They provide them with an insight into the quality of their project proposal, its potential to win public funding or support by the key stakeholders, as well as the benchmarking project proposals in the same category worldwide.


Featured Projects & publications:

Dr Rosenfeld is a favoured jury member for urban and housing projects internationally.

She also serves as an assessor and the coordinator of the assessment of project proposals. 


Urban Innovative Actions evaluation of 39 innovative housing projects for the 2 million Euro prize. To discover more, click here.

Real time audit and support

Audit and examination of the project implementation process are of critical importance. They provide clients with an independent assessment of the implementation process and allow them to steer, correct or improve their actions in real-time before the project is completed. This approach can have several positive results, from enhanced stakeholder collaboration, through cutting delays and costs to driving positive social and environmental impact.     


Featured Projects & publications:

'The Housing Partnership Working Method' publication is a result of the real-time implementation evaluation Dr Rosenfeld provided to the EU Housing Partnership, consisting of five governments, five cities, EU institutions, housing providers and civil society. See here.

Ex-post evaluation and impact assessment 

Evaluation and impact assessments provide multiple benefits by providing feedback on what worked and what did not, as well as clarity in communications to stakeholders, funders and investors. Internally, they assist in efficiently allocating resources and improving processes by assessing impact and drawing lessons from past performance. We excel in the evaluations and assessments of impact that are not easily quantifiable (e.g. social impact, governance).


Featured Projects & publications:
Governments, non-profit organisations, and businesses are often required to demonstrate accountability through a socio-economic valuation of their activities. The assessments we have carried out are confidential. To explore how we can help your organisation, please click here

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