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Our urban environments are constantly changing. The pace of this change is accelerating trough green, digital, and societal transition. The public policies need to adapt more promptly and continually evolve to meet the new challenges of urbanisation and triple transition: social, digital and green. Moreover, there is a growing pressure on the policy makers to change gears from reactive to proactive policy making to ensure relevance of policies in a rapidly changing world. This is where we can help. 

Dr Rosenfeld created a suite of research, policy and foresight services support clients in assessing and evolving their current policies at local, national and international levels and designing of the new ones through cutting edge scientific research that is tailored to clients’ needs and objectives. She is committed to supporting clients in exploring pathways to creating inclusive, just and sustainable urban futures that leave no one behind.

Strategic Foresight

Strategic foresight is at the heart of proactive policy planning, policy-making and legislation. It is vital to anticipate, design, and evolve policies and practices in the rapidly changing world. Dr Rosenfeld leverages cutting-edge research, over 25 years of project and policy implementation and evaluation experience and an extensive global network of partners to provide evidence on trends, risks, potential issues and implications across urban and housing policy areas in the global north. 


Featured projects & publications: 

Strategic foresight and identification of key trends and challenges in the social and affordable housing sector in 56 countries in Europe, Central Asia and North America. To discover more click here.


Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the housing needs and investments in 27 EU member states to inform EIB about the future financing needs of the sector. To discover more click here.

Policy analysis
design and formulation

Whether our clients work at the local, regional, national or international levels, Dr Rosenfeld and her team provide strategic research and support for policy analysis, evidence base building and policy design. The key to our approach is close collaboration with our clients in policy design and formulation underpinned by stakeholder involvement across relevant multi-governance structures, including public, private and community organisations and international experience in 56 countries.  

Featured projects & publications: 

Co-authoring the global report to Habitat III and the contribution to the formulation of the UN New Urban Agenda. To discover more, click here.


A World Bank commissioned research into the development of informal settlements and assessment of the planning policies in economies in transition to inform the formulation of the future technical guidance. To discover more, click here.

Reserch and methodology design 

Dr Rosenfeld supports clients in tackling urban and societal transformations and challenges at local, regional and global levels through research and methodology design that generates new insights and knowledge in her areas of expertise. She specialises in qualitative research, with particular strengths in methodological innovation, grounded theory, co-production methods and spatial analysis. She is known for an approach that provides a structured understanding of new phenomena and conceptualises new processes creating the basis for new policy-making. Her approach is continually applied, generating knowledge for policy design and evolution in a rapidly changing world. 


Featured projects & publications: 

Methodology design and reserch to link 14 EU Urban Agenda Partnership action plans accross 14 urban themes with SDGs, and New Urban Agenda. Click here.  


Methodology design and to examine the governance of the residential relocation in the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinders in the UK. To discover more click here

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