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Policies and projects are as good as their implementation, and implementation requires rigorous strategy and action planning. With extensive experience in action planning, deep insight into multi-level governance operation and implementation of policies as well as large-scale urban projects worldwide, Dr Rosenfeld helps clients turn their ideas, policies and project ideas into reality. 

Action Planning
and strategy

Strategy and action planning are key to key to implementing policies and projects as well as achieving goals. Strategy can be seen as a blueprint, and an action plan a step-by-step process of going about that blueprint. The purpose of an action plan is to clarify what resources are required to reach the goal and formulate a timeline for when specific tasks need to be completed. This includes clearly defining roles and responsibilities, timelines as well as the methods to determine success. Creating a strategy and an action plan requires a thorough understanding of the goals and objectives and the strategies to reach them. This is why Dr Rosenfeld works closely with clients in strategy and action planning to design solutions best suited to their needs and preferences.

Featured projects & publications: 

Design and delivery of the Urban Agenda for the EU Housing Partnership Action plan entailed close work with the Partnership Coordinators and the partnership members representing five EU member states, five European cities, representatives of the EU institutions, and the housing providers and tenants. To access the document, click here

Governance of implementation

The complexity of the large scale public sector projects, bringing together stakeholder across sectors, disciplines and geographies in multi governance schemes, are often characterised by contradicting stakeholder objectives, evolving project goals (moving target projects) and political uncertainty among other issues. This complexity means that the traditional project management methods are increasingly limited in driving  results. 

Dr Rosenfeld’s award-winning doctoral research has developed a practical methodology which employs the concepts of governance to analyse the complexity of the implementation of the policies and projects in the housing and urban sectors.  Her governance analysis is a practical methodology to analyse collective processes which determine how multiple decisions are made during the implementation process, what is their impact on the implementation and the communities involved and most importantly, how these can be altered in real-time to improve the results and impacts.


Featured projects & publications: 

‘Governance of relocation: an examination of residential relocation processes in housing market renewal pathfinder areas in England’, Dr Rosenfeld’s doctoral thesis is available at the British Library here.

'Governance of the implementation of the large-scale development projects' a master and executive education course, Dr Rosenfeld is a course leader and adj. professor at the Sciences Po - The Paris Institute of Political Studies where she teaches her methods. Discover here.

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