Dr. Orna Rosenfeld’s research and writing focus on international housing knowledge, policy and investment as a prerequisite for inclusive urban growth, social and territorial cohesion. Her work covers 56 countries of North America, Europe and Central Asia.



Orna's scientific and advisory research has advanced housing topic and approached it from various angles: including housing trends and challenges in the global north, governance of housing market renewal, housing inclusion (including housing migrants, vulnerable groups and gender), housing investment needs and social impact investment in housing, as well as the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, New Urban Agenda and Paris Agreement. 

Orna Rosenfeld - areas of research


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Dr. Rosenfeld's scientific approach builds on her combined expertise in architecture and engineering, social and political science, and city and urban planning.

Her advisory research portfolio is based on a tiered engagement model.

  • To provide direction and thought leadership to housing and residential real estate sector and its policymakers.

  • To perform advisory research, evaluation studies and scientific and policy papers of strategic value to the housing sector and its key stakeholders at international, national and city levels across public and private sectors. 

  • Directly contracted research focused on specific requirements, delivering transformative outcomes for leaders, policymakers and industry partners.


Read selected case studies about Orna's support and contribution to some of the most recent international initiatives. 


Christophe André

Senior Economist


As an architect and a urban planning expert, as well as a social scientist, Dr. Orna Rosenfeld has a unique grasp of the multiple dimensions of housing issues. Her research and policy advice on a broad range of countries and her familiarity with policymakers and international organisations has turned her into a top housing policy expert.  


Victor Schaap


Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Directorate-General for Administration

Spatial Planning and Housing Housing Market Department

The Netherlands 

Orna is a trustworthy and reliable advisor, who skilfully weathers politically challenging missions, always delivers excellent work and goes the extra mile to support partners and clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her.   


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Dr. Elena Szolgayová


UNECE Committee on Housing & Land Management

It was a pleasure and inspiration working with Orna.