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Orna Rosenfeld Keynote

inclusive urban futures

Dr. Orna Rosenfeld B.Arch. M.A. Ph.D. is an award-winning urban strategist, housing expert and advisor, author and social impact advocate. She brings expertise from social sciences and city planning and architectural engineering, to support  international organizations and banks,  private investors and developers,   governments and cities to advance housing and urban policy, practice and investment in pursuit of inclusive urban futures.  

Global Winner
Social Impact Award

British Council 2021 


Dr Rosenfeld’s work is grounded in a holistic, data-driven, people-oriented, and place-based approach that, taken together, allows for thoughtful analysis of societal, environmental and digital transformations to design solutions and effectively inform housing, urban and regional public policy and planning at international, national, city and project levels.


Orna works with cities, governments, international organisations and selected private sector businesses, supporting their efforts in pursuit of inclusive urban futures.  


A dynamic and effective social impact advocate dedicated to inclusive, just and sustainable urban transformation, development, and affordable housing, Orna is regularly interviewed and quoted by international media. 


Orna is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter at political and scientific urban and housing events, as well as philanthropic gatherings all over the world. 

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